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Emission measurement of raw gas


  • Our service technicians take dust samples at the plant
  • In compliance with the emission edge parameters, we take a partial gas flow isokineticly from the exhaust duct. The partial gas flow is sucked through a filter in which the contained dust is deposited.
  • Evaluation is done in our own F.O.S. laboratory
  • You receive a report which includes solution proposals if neccessary.

Your security

  • No „unpleasant suprises“ at the legal measurements
  • Deviations can be resolved quickly (eg. tighness test, filter replacement, repairs etc.)
  • Early detection of damages (eg. defect filter bags, inactive diaphragm valves, incorrect installation of filter elements etc.)
  • Your cost-saving contribution to environmental protection, especially during maintenance to prevent time-consuming and costly obligations such as plant closures.

Computer controlled measuring instruments for determining following values:

  • Dust concentration (mg/m³)
  • Moisture (%)
  • Exhaust gas temperature (°C)
  • Flow rate (m/s)

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