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Filter regulation


Leak detection system: F.O.S. Fluorlight

F.O.S. Fluorlight is a particularly effective fluorescent contrast powder to detect leakages in your dust collection. On request it is our pleasure to perform the tightness tests for you. Further more we also provide.

Filter control

F.O.S. offers filter controls to regulate blowpipe valves of the compressed air cycle. By a differential pressure-controlled release an appropriate cleaning of the filter media is always ensured. This enables an effective and energy-saving operation of exhaust systems.

Dust measurement

Filter monitoring based on the triboelectric effect enables a reliable monitoring of the clean gas dust and therefore the proper operation of the filter systems. Filter breakthroughs and defects are detected. This increases the reliability of your exhaust systems.

Dedusting components

The product range of the FOS ranges from spare parts for solenoid valves, through pilot and dedusting valves for filter systems, to entire compressed air tank systems. We also deliver vibration systems for the mechanical cleaning of filter media.


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