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Supporting cages and distance mats / supporting elements

Support cages and displacement inserts made of steel (with or without surface treatments), ranging to high-grade and particularly chemically resistant duplex stainless steel or nickel alloys, supplement our accessory range.

Top caps for filter bags and mountings

F.O.S. offers top caps for filter bags in different designs and materials as well as customized to our client specifications. Spring-loaded mounting provides an optimal strain of filter bags to prevent a hitting or collapse of its own – in every operational situation

Tension band

F.O.S. offers tension bands in different designs for installation of filter bags on nozzle, as well as the attachment of top caps. Depending on the requirements, different tension bands as well as materials are available.

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Precoating powder

In the deposition of sticky or wet dust we recommend the use of FOS-precoating powder. By building a supporting layer on the filter medium, both the dedusting and the service life of the filter are improved.


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