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Filter tubes and filter bags

We manufacture individual and customized filter tubes, bags and multi filter bags made of various materials, such as PES, PP, m-aramid (eg .Nomex® ), glas, PI (eg. P84® ) PPS or PTFE.

Benefit from:

  • Highest quality and flexibility by production „Made in Germany“
  • Our storage service to reduce your costs
  • Call orders for your cost reduction and enhanced flexibility
  • Intensive quality control
  • Unbeatable price-perfomance ratio
  • No start of production without customer sample approval
  • More than 700 different fabrics

Recycled filter material

We offer recycled filter materials made of PI, PPS or PTFE. These materials will be processed for you in specially constructed waste treatment plants (according to § 4 BImSchG) so they can be reintroduced into the economic cycle.

Your advantages:

  • You protect the environment as the recycling avoids the CO2 emission usually generated by the thermal treatment
  • You save valuable resources.
  • You reduce costs because the use of regenerated filter material is extremly economical for you
  • You will receive high quality materials. With detailed laboratory analysis we ensure the performance parameters of our recycled filter materials match the values of new ones.

Filter cartridges / Filter plates / Filter cassetts

Customised FOS-tex® filter cartridges enable the enlargement of the effective surface area, and simultaneously a very compact design. With filter efficiencies of up to 99.99%, they are particularly suitable for use in critical applications that create very fine dust, for example. The conversion of filter tube/support cage systems to cartridges is possible for most standard installation types.

In addition we also provide high quality filter plates and filter cartridges for your individual application.

Air-conditioning technology and air filter mats

To name but a few examples, our product range is rounded off by:

  • Filter mat
  • Filter cells
  • Pocket filters
  • Compact filters
  • Filters for suspended matters
  • Cleanable filters for  suspended matters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Paint mist filters
  • Textile air distributions


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