Cleaning regularly,

keeps Things in place.

JNW CleaningSolutions provides
best cleaning results for heat exchanger

F.O.S. cooperates with the German company JNW Cleaning Solutions to provide the best service and cleaning results for two parts of your production facilities. JNW CleaningSolutions has more than 20 years of industry expertise in the cleaning of heat exchanger and has equipped numerous facilities throughout the world.

The JNW CleaningSystems uses high pressure water mechanically controlled to clean without any chemical additives and are designed for all kinds of air-cooled heat exchangers:

  • Air Cooled Condenser / ACC
  • Flat Bed Cooler
  • Fin Fan Cooler
  • V-Design
  • Hybrids
  • Natural Draught Cooling
  • Tower / Heller System

To learn more about JNW CleaningSolutions, please contact us or JNW.

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