Cleaning regularly,

keeps Things in place.

Why exchange Filter Media, if it can
be done cheaper and faster?

If the differential pressure in your facility is rising, this is a strong indication for “clogged filter media”. There can be various reasons for this. Exchanging the filters is usually connected with an expensive stop in production.

The solution is to clean the filter elements with a proof of the disposal of any liability to dust or wash water. Our cleaning methods are patented and thus unique, offering you a range of advantages.

F.O.S. On-Line Cleaning®– Cleaning in installed condition on site.

The cleaning method for vertically installed filter tubes or filter cartridges results in an efficient, thorough and secure removal of dust on the surface and in the depth of the filter media. This procedure is possible without stopping the production process (n-1 operation). F.O.S. On-Line Cleaning® offers enormous advantages from a technical and economic point of view:

  • No costs for deinstallation and reinstallation
  • No stop in production (n-1 operation)
  • Up to 80% cost reduction, as compared to the installation of new filter tubes
  • The support cages are not removed
  • No waste disposal costs
  • Increase in lifetime and reduction of differential pressure by removing dust in the depth of the filter
  • Dust remains in the waste disposal cycle
  • Conservation of environmental resources

Animation F.O.S. On-Line Cleaning®

Flyer F.O.S. On-Line Cleaning®

F.O.S. Speed Cleaning®

Specially developed cleaning method which at certain dust texture works even faster than the FOS On-Line Cleaning®. After an extensive laboratory investigation we can tell you whether you can benefit from this method.

F.O.S. Pulse Cleaning®

For horizontally installed filter tubes and bags we also offer a patented method for cleaning in your system.

F.O.S. Power Cleaning®

High-intensity cleaning of vertically installed filter tubes to remove the surface dust.

Dry- and Wet cleaning – at your facility or in our plant.

F.O.S. tumble dry cleaning for dust caking and encrustations and F.O.S. tumble wet cleaning for water-soluble salt encrustations are further time-tested methods to reliably clean filter media. Cleaning can either be performed at your production site with a mobile system or in-house at our plant.

Naturally, as a certified waste disposal specialist, we dispose of all the dust and wash wastewater in a professional and environmentally compatible manner.

We would be pleased to provide references upon request.

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