Demand-oriented installations

increase efficiency.

Customised filter installation construction

We are experienced specialists for industrial air filter and dedusting installations and also provide our entire range of expertise in constructing completely new and modern facilities.

As your partner for customised and highly productive dedusting installations, we will design a custom-made and efficient solution from A to Z for each of your particular applications. Additionally, we offer a full range of spare parts, maintenance and other services for your installations.

Turnkey installations

Based on your requirements and preferences, we will plan, develop and install your dedusting or air filter installation, including all required pipelines, enclosures and exhaust and soundproofing facilities. We always provide for perfectly matched services. All installation components are adapted by us individually in line with your needs, so that you can start operating your turnkey facility immediately.

Our well-founded expertise and broad range of experience support you in optimising the environmental and climate protection of your production in a targeted and effective manner.

Modernization / Modification of existing systems

Our range of products:

  • System expansion (eg. new housing)
  • In case of inner pipe depositions or wear of the tubes; eg. optimization of air- and conveyor speed
  • Extension of filter area; eg. conversion from baghouse filter to cartridge filter, new ventilator
  • Renewal of filter head; eg. conversion from scavening air to pulse jet dedusting, conversion from inside- to outside loaded filter bags
  • Exchange of base plate as well as sealing works
  • Emission protection; eg. housing of ventilators for improved noise reduction, pipe sound absorber, silencing baffles, residual dust monitoring
  • Piping reconstruction
  • Optimization of detection points and elements in bad contaminant capture
  • Removal of fire damages
  • Repair works​
  • Replacement of gaskets at inspection doors
  • Exchange of wear parts, eg. valves, membranes, gas pressure springs

Pipeline construction

Air duct construction incl. assembly as well as planning and installation of air intake systems are part of our product range:

  • eg. hall ventilation
  • Fresh air supply for a specific workplace
  • Heat recovery in heated production halls

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